31st Oct

Intervarsity 23/24

"This year, our men's and women's teams had the opportunity to participate in Intervarsities hosted by University of Galway from October 27-29th. Both teams played exceptionally well with the men's biggest win being against Maynooth and the women's against UG Black. The women's team secured their spot in the quarter-final but suffered a loss, coming 5th place in the tournament. The men's team fought hard but lost in the semi-finals against TUD, securing 3rd place in the plate. Darren, one of our players got awarded best middle of the tournament with the help of the team. Everyone who took part showed that they have the ability to improve and aim to reach high goals in their college years.Players that took part in this competition were:Eric Luwaga                                 1. Trisha SharmaJose Santos                                2. Caitlin HamiltonXin Hao Hoo                                3. Megan OlleyMikolaj Mitera                             4. Christine Calanoc Maan D'Hammers                      5. Ivana MaopisRian Casey                                   6. Yousra KebayliMichaelangelo Ojeani                7. Jane WalshSamuel Mickey                            8. Izzy KavanaghBartek Tatol                                  9. Diana KudrjavcevaDarren Ajayi                                10. Aleksandra LewandowskaPaul VonderscherRaymond LooTamer Zraiq"

15th Oct

Welcome to the ATU Chess Club

"Hi EverybodyWe are thrilled to welcome you to the ATU Chess Club family and we're excited about the skills, passion, and unique perspective you'll all bring to our chess community.At ATU Chess Club, we believe in the power of chess to connect people, inspire creativity, and foster friendships. As a valued member, you are an essential part of our vibrant chess family. We have an exciting lineup of activities and events planned, and we encourage you to actively participate. Your involvement not only enhances your chess skills but also enriches our club experience for everyone.Here's a glimpse of what's in store for you:Weekly Chess Nights: Join us for friendly matches, practice sessions, and chess-themed discussions. It's a great opportunity to meet fellow enthusiasts and learn new strategies.1.   Chess Tournaments: Get ready for some thrilling chess tournaments throughout the year both online and at meet up venues Test your skills, compete with other talented players, and stand a chance to win exciting prizes2.   Chess Club Championships: Organise an annual club championship tournament with prizes for winners.3.   Chess Workshops and Lectures: Sharpen your skills with expert-led workshops and lectures. Whether you're a beginner looking to learn the basics or an advanced player aiming to master advanced techniques, we have something for everyone.4.   Chess Simultaneous Exhibitions: Challenge yourself by playing against strong players, including titled players, in simultaneous exhibitions. It's a unique opportunity to learn from the best and improve your game.5.   Chess Puzzle Competitions: Hold puzzle-solving competitions where members can solve chess puzzles for prizes or recognition.6.   Chess Variants: Explore different chess variants like blitz chess, bullet chess, or 960 chess for variety and fun.7.     Chess Socials: Organise social events, such as chess-themed board game nights, to build camaraderie among members.8.      Chess for Charity: Host charity chess events where funds raised from tournaments or activities go to a good cause.9.      Chess Strategy Discussions: Hold open discussions or debates on various chess strategies, openings, and tactics.10.      Online Chess Activities: Participate in online chess events or leagues as a club and compete with other universities.Your active participation in these activities will not only enhance your chess skills but also contribute to the vibrant atmosphere of our club. We encourage you to share your ideas and suggestions for future events. Your input is invaluable in shaping the club's activities to align with the interests of our members.To stay updated with our events and announcements, please make sure to join our club's mailing list and follow us on social media platforms we they are up and running.Once again, welcome to the ATU Chess Club! We're looking forward to seeing you at our upcoming events and getting to know you better. If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out to me or any other club officer.Let's make this chess journey together memorable and enjoyable!Best regards,Karolina"

3rd Oct

Weekly Email Updates

"Greetings everybody and welcome back to another week! Just a couple announcements to make as always.SESSIONS: Pool sessions on Tuesdays are continuing as normal but Friday sessions will be halted for the foreseeable future due to a change in pool slot openings for clubsA Beginner canal session will be held tomorrow (Tuesday) and each week at 6:15pm. Both sessions have been booked out very quickly but you can join the waitlist incase anyone booked decides not to go. If you're registered for a session and can't attend, could you please unregister for the session on Yourspace to open up a slot for the eager people on the waitlist.We intend on adding more sessions throughout the weeks to come in order to get more of ye out into the cool, crisp, refreshing canal waters.MEETINGS: We will start having our Wednesday evening meetings this very Wednesday the 4th! They won't be every week but if there's anything important to be discussed, it'll be at one of those meetings. This week will be an introduction presentation for all club members, where the outline of the year and what will be made available to you will be discussed. Great time for questions too! Location and exact time TBC for now but can be expected to be in the Concourse (NUIG) building after 6pm. Further info will be sent to the WhatsApp announcements.If you're new to the club and haven't joined our WhatsApp group yet, you can click the link below. There we make frequent announcements, updates and answer any of your queries.WhatsApp Link: https://chat.whatsapp.com/DUHIaPFLLWmGjL1RhxJaTmThat's all for now, we shall see you all on the water!"

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