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Are you a creative person who wants to find a footing in the Contemporary Art World? Do you want to learn more about CCAM and its students? Then this is the place for you! Come join us on our journey of making the bond between CCAM and Dublin Rd. stronger. Help us as we create a steppingstone for young emerging artist to break out on to the Contemporary Art scene.

The Contemporary Art Society aims to organize Workshops and Creative endeavors at CCAM to improve the relationship between CCAM and Dublin Road. We also hope to connect all the Art colleges to support the emerging artists coming out of CCAM. Our dream is it to have a nationwide CAS. A collective of like-minded individuals creating the art world of tomorrow. With the use of Fundraising, we also wish to organize visits to Galleries, Museums etc. In the future we hope to help establish a more frequent flow of exhibitions for the students by students. Overall, we want to bring GMIT CCAM closer to the Contemporary Art scene and put our name on the map. So, if you want to take a look into the scene, meet some fellow creatives and become a part of a huge Network then come join the Contemporary Art Society. 

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